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This page is dedicated to recent articles I have been reading.

This might also help support students in the various assignments in the course I teach at Eastern Michigan University (EDLD 611 – Intro to Adult and Continuing Education). I’ll be adding to this page periodically as I think this might be a nice way to show trends in Adult and Professional, Continuing, and Online Education.

For my students – These articles CANNOT be used as any of the required sources in the annotated bibliography assignments but they can be cited as a resource (presumably one of many) for the program plan.

Please let me know if you find any broken links via the contact form below – noting the week the link was posted and the article title. I will not be actively monitoring the links to old news.

Week of 1/21/2018

Serving Post-Traditional Learners
Distance Learning Enrollment Report: 2017
Competency-based Micro Credentials
2U and WeWork Partnership: Employer-sponsored learning and alternative education provider