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In the News…2018_0219

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Understanding the New College Majority: The Demographic and Financial Characteristics of Independent Students and their Postsecondary Outcomes

Supporting Non-Traditional and Lower-Income Students

10 Ways Higher Education Could Be Transformed to Support the Needs of a Changing World

Departures at Gates Foundation Stir Speculation About Its Plans for Higher Ed

College for the 21st century

In the News…2018_0212

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What approval of the budget deal really means for higher ed

The fundamentals of launching an online program

Bringing Back Adult Students Takes More Than a Catchy Campaign

The Benefits of Supporting Post-Traditional Students

The cost of attending for-profit institutions

Adults Considering a Return to College are Leery of Cost and Online Education

Higher Education Deserts

I am attending a virtual conference this week and getting a refresher on a few things – like:
Conditions of Learning – Robert Gagne
ARCs Model of Motivational Design