I’ve got things to say and I am going to use this space

There have been a few events in my lifetime that are so notable that in the rare instances when I refer to myself in the third person I append that description with pre/post and the event name, for example ‘pre-911 Julie’ and ‘post-dissertation Julie’. I feel as though November 8, 2016 is one of those memorable events.

Just a few days ago post-11/8/16 Julie remembered the long-forgotten blog of pre-11/8/16 Julie. So, post-11/8/16 Julie decided to dust off the blog…and post.

I am going to use this space to voice my opinions using reliable news sourcesĀ as evidence.

I am going to use this space to promote fairness, justice, and progressive ideas as well as my thoughts as a higher education professional.

I am going to use this space.